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Replace mercury fillings with a more natural alternative while eliminating its harmful effects 

Your Wellness Journey


Proper sanitation of all tools and immediate disposal of any contaminated objects to conclude procedure.


Mercury amalgam is broken down and carefully and gently removed.


You have an activated charcoal rinse to potentially capture swallowed elemental mercury and vapor.


Our Care Studios are equipped with a specialized air filtration system.


Protective layers and eyewear are worn by all to ensure maximum ease and safety.

Prevent bacteria from entering into your natural tooth structure.

Teeth protection


Get rid of toxins and harmful substances caused by mercury.

Improve health


Have composite fillings as opposed to silver ones.

Beautify smile


Our safe mercury removal offering

can help you:

Safe Mercury

Fillings Removal

Our safe and certified protocol to remove mercury fillings.

A holistic & biological dental wellness studio envisioning a regenerative community that is healthy, whole and thriving.
Hours of Operation

Monday: By Appointment

Tue - Thu: 8a - 6p 

Friday: 830a - 4p

Saturday: By Appointment 

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540 W 19 ST

Houston, TX 77008

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AMAZING local dental practice in the Heights.

I recently moved from NYC back to Htown. I already had a wonderful dentist here that took care of me as a kid, but was tempted by Adore’s proximity & the endless glowing reviews other patients have posted.

Both dentists (Doc Pham & Doc Blair), their technicians and office staff are all beyond FABULOUS!!! They make for a stellar experience every time I go in. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, very attentive to the patient’s needs—always talking me through the steps and ensuring it’s painless. Having had a few root canals, 2 dental implants, couple crowns and countless cavities, I’ve experienced more than my share of dental drama. Pretty confident those days are past😎

Must also mention, the office manager, Tatiana. She worked hard to help me handle a few insurance hoops—saving me serious cash🙏🙏🙏‼️

I love their office—it’s brand new, immaculately decorated with state of the art equipment and beaucoup amenities (e.g., warm lavender neck pillows). They also manage appointments seamlessly, so no wait to be seen. Honestly, there’s no better dental squad in Houston! In short, ❤️❤️❤️my dentist! 🙌🙏😍🤩😁🥇

AmyClare G.

Adore Health Member

Looking to heal with safe mercury fillings removal?

Dr. Emilyann Pham, Dr. Ann Shui, and the rest of the team at Adore Dentistry are experienced in delivering safe mercury fillings removal in Houston, TX.

Adore Dentistry focuses on the use of the safest, most biocompatible materials and techniques for optimal clinical outcomes and the long-term health and well-being for you and your family.

If you think you are a good candidate for safe mercury fillings removal and feel deeply aligned about becoming a member of our holistic health and wellness community, please contact Adore Dentistry in Houston Heights or schedule an appointment online for a comprehensive examination :)

Dr. Emilyann Pham

Co-Steward &

Holistic Dental Practitioner

Dr. Ann Shui

Co-Steward &

Holistic Dental Practitioner 

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