A wand-like tool connected to a computer capturing a replica of your mouth


We’ll insert the scanning wand into your mouth and gently move it over the surface area of your teeth. 


The wand automatically captures the size and shape of each of your tooth. 


Within minutes, the system produces a detailed digital impression.


With this instant feedback, Dr. Pham and Dr. Shui views your images on the computer, which can be magnified to enhance details creating a more efficient process for accurate diagnosis. 

Your Wellness Journey

Less messy and more pleasant than the goopy traditional mold material.

Comfortable experience


Have quick analysis which allows us to know if there any inaccuracies.

Greater accuracy


Get quick scan on the monitor for communication and engagement. 

Better education


Our digital impressions offering

can help you:



3D intraoral scanning for a more pleasant dental experience.

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This was the best experience I’ve had with a dentist. Everyone was beyond professional and caring. I would recommend them to anyone.

Miguel A.

Adore Health Member

Looking to heal with

digital impressions?

Dr. Emilyann Pham, Dr. Ann Shui, and the rest of the team at Adore Dentistry are experienced in delivering digital impressions Houston, TX.

Adore Dentistry focuses on the use of the safest, most biocompatible materials and techniques for optimal clinical outcomes and the long-term health and well-being for you and your family.

If you think you are a good candidate for digital impressions and feel deeply aligned about becoming a member of our holistic health and wellness community, please contact Adore Dentistry in Houston Heights or schedule an appointment online for a comprehensive examination :)

Dr. Emilyann Pham

Co-Steward &

Holistic Dental Practitioner

Dr. Ann Shui

Co-Steward &

Holistic Dental Practitioner 

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