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Through our philanthropic foundation or our dental wellness studio, we've provided many ways you can support our healing health mission:

Donate Online

Make a one-time or recurring contribution to all of our social impact programs on our fiscal sponsor's community-oriented and transparent platform.


Live a more meaningful and purpose-driven life by contributing your skills & offerings through our humanitarian based dental programs.

Soul Smiles for Good

We partner with non-profits working with underserved communities by delivering philanthropic holistic & natural dental healthcare.

Barter Exchange

Going old school by giving you the option to offer what you've wholeheartedly made, grown, or a service you provide in exchange for holistic dental healing.


Cultivating interdependence and activating untapped potential in our communities through group skills sharing where time is valued as currency.

Social Media Collaboration

@ Place

Events & Experiences

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Resource-Based Economy

Offer available land, buildings and infrastructure that could support our philanthropic efforts.

Charity Pot

Raise funds and facilitate resources to social and environmental impact projects that are bringing transformation in our communities.


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Ways to Support

Our Mission

We understand everyone could be at different chapters in their unique life’s journey, so we’ve constructed a sliding scale program to help further our healing health mission of making integrative healthcare accessible for all.

A holistic & biological dental wellness studio envisioning a regenerative community that is healthy, whole and thriving.
Hours of Operation

Monday: By Appointment

Tue - Thu: 8a - 6p 

Friday: 830a - 4p

Saturday: By Appointment 

Contact Us


540 W 19 ST

Houston, TX 77008

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