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Embodying whole health optimization by viewing the mouth as an integral part of the entire body, evaluating root causes and detecting problems earlier to avoid unnecessary dental work. 



Reserving time and space to get to know you and your health history, while also guiding you to understand the essential interconnectedness of your oral and whole body health. 



Utilizing nature's principles to help provide a natural solution to mouth concerns resulting in a more natural tooth function and appearance. 



Delicately weaving advanced technology to deepen our capacity to create exceptional results while simultaneously honoring foundational practices of integrative health.

Our Healing

Health Mission

Adore envisions a regenerative community that is healthy, whole, and thriving. We provide care to all our health members with a holistic approach. When our members thrive, so do we. An excellent experience mixed with our health-driven culture cultivates a dental wellness studio like no other.

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Holistic, restorative, preventative, and cosmetic treatments for you and your family in a modern and relaxing healing space.

A holistic & biological dental wellness studio co-creating a regenerative community that is healthy, whole and thriving.
Hours of Operation

Tue - Thu: 8:30a - 6p 

Friday: 8:30a - 4p

Lunch: Closed from 12:30p - 1:30p

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540 W 19 ST

Houston, TX 77008

I have never had such an incredible dentistry experience. They were informative, thorough, explained everything in detail and looked at the body as a whole. The crystals in the office are gorgeous and everyone is so kind. I will recommend Adore to everyone! Thank you so much.

Anna L.

Adore Health Member

This is the first Dentists office I had gone to in my life that actually did everything they could to make me feel as comfortable as possible rather than making me feel as though torture is the only possible way. I also love how they have natural and non-toxic solutions for everything, such as using Ozone instead of fluoride. As Holistic Dentists, they know an awful lot about how the mouth relates to the rest of the body and how fixing certain things in the mouth can fix certain problems around the rest of the body. I will definitely be returning here to continue my healing journey.

Kamiron F.

Adore Health Member

Very satisfied with this dental office. Doctors are very knowledgeable, they take ample time to explain everything you need to know with pictures and take a holistic approach to assess your situation. Elegant office, super clean, courteous staff and in my opinion, the way it should be in an ideal world!

Norma C.

Adore Health Member


What Our Health

Members Are Saying

Divine Resonance

If you're seeking long-term holistic care rather than the quick fix approach of putting band aids on symptoms, feeling empowered to invest in your health and wellness, and sensing that Adore is aligned for you, we'd be honored and excited to be your partnered holistic & biological dental wellness team.

Holistic & Biological

Dental Wellness Studio in Houston Heights

Adore is a family practice providing a source of empowerment in reconnecting you with your intrinsic oral and whole body health by using integrative principles to enhance your overall health and well-being.

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